Bernie Mullane Sports Complex

KELLYVILLE is named after Hugh Kelly, who owned the Kellyville Estate. Kelly owned a hotel on the corner of Wrights and Windsor Roads called the 'Bird-In-Hand'. Originally, the area had been known as 'There and Nowhere' followed by 'Irish Town' for the clan of Kellys that lived in the area. After Kelly's death in 1884, John Fitzgerald Burns, James Green and George Withers purchased portions of several early land grants, which were subdivided into farmlets as part of the 'Kellyville Estate', thereby giving the suburb its name.For most of the 20th century, Kellyville was semi-rural. 
From the 1960s to the 1980s about 900 homes were developed in an area around Acres Road, known locally as 'The Village'. More recently, major developments such as Kellyville Plaza have encouraged residential growth.Kellyville Plaza features both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, and next door there is also an ALDI super market.  Specialty shops include a liquor store and a variety of restaurants and cafes. Other shopping needs are met by the various shops located on a light commercial strip in an area known as 'The Village' on Windsor Road, Kellyville.
Kellyville Pets, on Windsor Road, is a large and diverse pet store with a well renowned reputation that stretches beyond the Hills.Bernie Mullane Sports Complex on Marella Road is always a hive of activity. It features a gymnasium, indoor basketball courts, outdoor basketball courts, netball facilities, tennis courts, and playing fields.It offers easy access to the M2 and the M7, and express city buses are available.
In May 2019 the North West Rail Link will commence operation.  Kellyville Station with a multi-storey car park is located on the corner of Samantha Riley Drive and Old Windsor Road.  This new infrastructure is bringing in a mass of high rise apartment complexes many with retail on the lower level and/or drive thru takeaway venues.